Video Message from Helen Zille to South Africans Abroad

In a video message to South Africans abroad, DA Leader Helen Zille has stressed the importance of this year’s elections.

DA Leader Helen Zille
DA Leader Helen Zille believes this election will be the “tipping point”.

“We believe that it will be the tipping point election for South Africa from which we will be able to recapture the dream of 1994 and build a future together,” she said.

Zille is calling on South Africans living overseas to “help ensure a future for all with their vote” and to “vote for the DA to build the South Africa we all know we can be”.

Watch Helen Zille’s official video message to South Africans Abroad:


  1. Helen Zille

    Being a South African living in Australia, the only place I can cast my vote is at the consulate in Canberra. No provision been made for the hundreds of thousands of expats living in Perth(and other parts of Australia) who would love to vote, but are not able to get to Canberra (+-3840km away)? Thought should have been given to the fact that Australia is a massive country hence having a voting station in each of the major cities across Australia to aid “allow opportunity of ex-South Africans to vote”.

    These circumstances are a pity, due to the fact that most living in Australia would have most probably voted DA.

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