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The video is visually stunning. Source: YouTube

SA Tourism has launched a new video ad campaign which showcases South Africa with breathtaking cinematography…coupled with a fairly sombre message asking potential tourists to “reconsider” South Africa.

The video, with a British voice-over, begins by posing the question: “what is beauty?”.

After  answering with a stream of stunning visuals of SA scenes, as well as using sentences like “some people spend their whole lives looking for it”, the video culminates with the campaign’s message:

“When you #MeetSouthAfrica you’ll reconsider what you think you know.”

The implication is that what tourists currently think about South Africa is less than favourable…

It’s a brave angle, although the video doesn’t actually address a tourist’s concern for their safety which is probably the main unfavourable issue that prevents more tourists from visiting the country.

One commenter on YouTube observed “this lovely piece of feel-good propaganda doesn’t change the fact that this is FAR from the reality that most South Africans live in. Brilliant commercial, take nothing away from it. By the end I’m sure most people are sold. But don’t let it put blinders over your eyes.”

Other South Africans who’ve seen the video since it was uploaded three days ago, have responded more positively, with Stuart Parker summing up on YouTube what many feel with his description of it being “an excellent clip on South Africa that makes me truly proud to be a South African”.

Watch Video: Reconsider South Africa (New South African Tourism brand video)