The Little South African Rhino with the Spirit of the Great Heart – VIDEO

Johnny Clegg need look no further in his search “for the spirit of the great heart under African skies” – check out this little rhino in the video below.

Little rhino with the Great Heart
Little rhino with the Great Heart. Source: FB/BushwackedBoy

With the soundtrack of South African singer songwriter Clegg’s ‘Great Heart’ playing in the background, Wendy Howard has captured – on film – a brave moment in the life of a little rhino in South Africa – determined to claim his territory. The video has been edited by Wendy’s husband Lando who goes by the name of ‘Bushwacked Boy’ on his Facebook blog.

The couple, who are passionate about the bush, are lodge managers and field guides in a private game reserve. (We’re not mentioning the name in case any poachers out there happen to be reading!)

Bushwacked Boy started his blog a year ago because he is “studying part-time towards formally qualifying as a field guide and would like to use this blog as a platform to post my wildlife experiences as well as my experiences studying the course part-time.”

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