Muso sings for paramedics, Cape Town

A very cool street musician last night took it upon himself to sing a song to the unsung heroes of Cape Town – the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) paramedics. See the video below.

Muso sings for paramedics, Cape TownHe sang for the EMS crew when they stopped for a much needed coffee break. After witnessing an evening of carnage, this guy made their night…

The EMS staff work tirelessly with shocking and traumatic events. They help with a granny who’s too upset to be taken to hospital without her dog. Or give everything they have to keep a husband alive after a terrible car crash…for at least long enough for his wife to say goodbye.

Occasionally there’s a slow shift, but often it’s crazy and non-stop with calls ranging from stable medical patients to multi-vehicle collisions, assault cases and death. Sadly the latter is the typical weekend. The EMS used to allow ‘observers’ to accompany ambulances over the weekend, but they don’t anymore.

The video was uploaded by ER24 EMS who describe themselves as a national private emergency service with everyday heroes that provide “real help real fast” to anyone in South Africa.

Emergency Medical Services South Africa
One of the EMS ‘family’ – the ER24 Head Office took part in the ALS/MND #IceBucketChallenge last week. “Although it was great fun we remember it is all for a good cause.” Source: YouTube

If they ever doubted how much they’re appreciated by the people of this nation, this guitarist last night made up for it. He stepped up and said thank you with a song he created on the spot about how much good the ambulance does.

Ambulance – you are the BEST – you are the Number One! Thank you!

Watch Video: Street Musician Serenades Paramedics