Check out South African professional skydiver JeanJacques Wallis – in the white wingsuit – as he explores the Drakensberg mountains in KwaZulu-Natal like never before.

The skydiver from Pretoria Skydiving Club, who last brought us incredible GoPro footage of base jumping from a derelict building in Pretoria, has this time teamed up with fellow South African Waldo Prinsloo and Jarno Cordia from Holland, who is one of the world’s best Aerobatic wingsuit pilots, to create an awesome GoPro video of Proximity Wingsuit Base Jumping in the Drakensburg…and Multiple Flybys!

“We chose this spot in the ‘Berg because it has a massive 428m vertical cliff that’s perfect for amazing visuals…with amazing grass terrain below,” JeanJacques told SAPeople.

“There are endless lines one can fly, and one can either explore new terrain or just take it easy and enjoy the minute-long flight.

“It is also one of very few spots that has a nice landing area where we can resupply with water to tackle the long walk out…”

South Africa’s Drakensberg mountains get their name from the Afrikaans word ‘Drakensberge’ which means ‘Dragon Mountains’.

Watch Video – Flying Dragon Mountains | Wingsuit & Speedflying

Wingsuit Proximity 3way with Speedflyers and Flybys can’t get any better than this…(Watch larger version above.)

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