Braam Farm, LIMPOPO – The hunters taking part in a controversial “driven hunt” – where animals are driven down a narrow corridor and shot at by people on erected platforms – continued on Thursday for the fourth day of the much-publicized event in Limpopo, according to animal rights organisers. They also said the hunters, daily bothered by protesters, had moved to another farm.

A member of the Wild Heart Animal Foundation said that 51 animals had been killed by the end of yesterday, but that figures had not been released today because outside organisations and monitors were not allowed into the Braam Farm, where the hunt began on Monday. Most of the hunters are believed to be from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Ban Animal Trading South Africa said they heard no gunshots today, and that the hunters had moved from the original location.

“The National Council for SPCAs had warrants for three farms but couldn’t find the hunters,” it said. “The NSPCA eventually found them but had to race to the magistrate’s office to get another warrant for that farm.”