VIDEO: Leopard Caught on Camera Trying a Little Late Night Shopping in South Africa!

Check out this wild leopard caught on CCTV cameras outside a shop in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa

The leopard – filmed in Weir Street, Riverside, in Mbombela (Nelspruit) – appears to have heard the news that there’s a new Weylandts store in town!

He made the late night visit at about 4am on Monday morning. The video was uploaded today by Benno Stander, online editor at Lowveld Media.

Watch Video: Leopard caught on CCTV in Mbombela at Weylandts, Riverside

Benno Stander: “CCTV cameras at the new Weylandts store in Weir Street, Riverside, caught a leopard wandering by casually…”

Last year a leopard managed to enter a Coke factory in Limpopo and have a walk about!

At the time an Environmental Affairs official told SAPeople: “We have also had a hippo in one of the suburbs about five years ago… What people don’t seem to understand still, is that at this very moment I have reports of four free ranging lions, plus unknown numbers of buffalo, cheetah, wild dogs, and elephants across Limpopo. Oh, and leopard, obviously.

“Our policy is to follow if we can, and only intervene if a problem arises. Preferably before anyone notices.”