New Video Remix of Zumanomics

As South Africans joke today that the Rand is falling faster than the ruling party’s membership figures (trading at a record low of 14.2689 to the dollar this afternoon), here’s the latest rendition of Zumanomics, a track based on President Jacob Zuma’s unfortunate speech at an ANC conference in early October.

During the speech, Zuma attempted to compare current ANC membership figures with those of 2012 (which had dropped dramatically), but he stumbled over some numbers, referring to 1.2 million, for example, as “one hundred point two million”.

The incident sparked videos, jokes and the suggestion that Zuma’s speech writer write numbers out in words.

Durbanite Kyran Garton created “a Melbourne bounce mix” with electronic dance music and featuring the president’s words and called it ‘Zumanomics’.

Brent Forbes has now uploaded a new version with video footage (and “with the song owner’s permission”).

Watch Video – Zumanomics: Video Remix – by Brent Forbes

His dollar may be stronger, but America’s own president Barack Obama isn’t immune to song remixes either – here’s the latest, uploaded by BaracksDubs.

Watch Video: Barack Obama Singing Thriller by Michael Jackson, for Halloween