PICTURES from Fire in Ocean View and Kommetjie, South Africa

Fires have continued to burn in the Western Cape, South Africa, today with windy conditions proving a challenge to firefighting crews. According to the Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) approximately 200 firefighters, from different agencies, are on the line again tonight for what is being called #‎ScarboroughFire.

Cape Fires, South Africa

Firemen with hose

Photographer JUSTIN SULLIVAN – from Sullivan Photography – was on the scene today…and captured the following images.

Cape Fires, South Africa

Helicopter putting out fires

Cape Fires, South Africa

Cape Fires, South Africa

Cape Fires, South Africa
Justin: “A young boy wipes his eyes due to the smoke. His family had to evacuate.”

“Over 2,000 hectares has been burnt while the NCC Environmental Services, Volunteer Wildfire Services, Firefighters and Residents are still battling to control the flames,” he said.

Volunteer Wildfire Services

Cape Fires, South Africa

“Strong winds and unpredictable gusts made it difficult for ground and air work.

Windswept fire

Aeroplane with fire

“Well done to everyone involved and we are sending strength to those who may be working through the night.

Working on Fire

Smokey street

Cape Fires, South Africa

“A big thank you to NCC for providing me with Kit and keeping me safe while I document these brave men and woman…

Photographer Justin Sullivan
Not just brave firemen…but photographers too! Photo of photographer Justin Sullivan.

Cape Fires, South Africa

“I stand to be corrected, but when there are desperate times, the fire department resort to using old hoses which may have holes in… This guy was lucky enough to have an old hose with a hole in by his house.”

Cape Fires, South Africa

Local resident Giuam de Korte, who lives on Devil’s Peak and watched the firefighters at work in his area on Sunday, said in a message on facebook that “the firefighters are absolute heroes”.

Cape Fires, South Africa

Fire destroyed property

He wrote: “how they managed to control the fire in the strongest Black South Easter I have ever experienced is unbelievable…I saw them literally jump into the flames to save my neighbour’s house. No regard for their own safety, only for the job at hand – which is to save others. I salute you all!”

Cape Fires, South Africa

SAPeople contributor and local paramedic Alan Rudnicki‎ said: “Big ups to all those amazing fire fighters dealing with the relentless and difficult task of fighting all these terrible fires.

Fire hose

“I actually know quite a few of these guys and girls and from a personal level I know how difficult it is.”


Jadon Bester – from JBest Photography – said “it definitely takes some really brave and determined individuals working together to put out such a great life-threatening occurence.”

Cape Fires, South Africa

Jadon captured the following photos this afternoon on Slangkop Mountains, behind Ocean View, Cape Town:

“Helicopters collecting water…

Cape Fires, South Africa

“Lots of flammable vegetation, so dependent on our protection.
Cape Fires, South Africa Under the scorching sun. “Impossible to miss, the sound of helicopter ovehead!”

Cape Fires, South Africa Helicopter overhead

“Educating the little ones in the process 🙂 ”

Not only brave, but kind too…

Cape Fires, South Africa

VWS said: “Once again the greater Cape Town Community has risen to the occasion in support of our emergency services – Thank You!! Wishing all crews a safe night on the fire line tonight.”


Cape Fires, South Africa

If you would like to help please contact Geraldene Corder Nee-Hart (082 888 9706)
to coordinate.

ROAD CLOSURES: Scarborough Main Road remains closed between Red Hill Rd and Kommetjie. Please continue to allow emergency vehicles through the traffic.

Officials ask that for your own safety, please avoid the area.



Sullivan Photography

JBest Photography

Firefighters’ team effort, Misty Cliffs, Cape Town, South Africa