Krugersdorp West

They say it never rains, but it pours…and that’s how it’s been in Krugersdorp, South Africa.

Krugersdorp West
Source: FB / Photo by Frannie Swanepoel

After being gripped by a drought that dragged on forever, the Gauteng town was hit by a massive hail storm in January and drenched again in a downpour Friday which also included hail that some witnesses reported took over three hours to melt.

Krugersdorp West
Source: FB/Photo by Abdullah Essack‎.

Local resident Gerda de Clerk‎ uploaded the following footage of her bridge and driveway in Krugersdorp West on Friday afternoon.

Watch Video: Floods in Krugersdorp West, 5 February 2016

Our Bridge and driveway, Agavia small holdings in Krugersdorp West. 5 February 2016

Posted by Gerda de Clerk on Friday, 5 February 2016

Gift Magaiana sent in this photo of the incredible hail on the day, just outside her mother’s gate in Kagiso, a township just outside Krugersdorp.

Hail in Kagiso
Gift Magaiana Yesterday · “This is the hail outside my mother’s gate in Kagiso, a township just outside Krugersdorp.”

Out of the ordinary weather has hit other parts of the country too with Kobus Maass capturing this tornado as it hit just outside Belfast, Mpumalanga on Thursday. According to Lowveld Media “chaos erupted when the tornado moved to the outer part of the town.”

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Witbank News uploaded this video which appears to show the tornado forming…