Host of the Daily Show Trevor Noah told his audience this week that if they thought the U.S. Presidential race was crazy – with bad-hairdo businessman Donald Trump shocking everyone by winning state after state in the race for the Republican nomination – they should check out Uganda.

“Americans say this (Trump’s ongoing success) is insane,” Noah said on his show on Monday. “And I tell them it could be worse. It is worse. It could be Uganda.”

On the weekend Yoweri Museveni was declared president for the fifth time, in an election marred by accusations of intimidation and vote-rigging. Kissa Besigye, an opposition candidate, was arrested four times during the last week.

Museveni came to power in 1986, which, as Noah points out, means he has been president for 30 years.

The Daily Show does a walkabout on a Ugandan street and asks locals whether they would vote for Trump or Museveni.

“For a Muslim,” said one, “that would be like having to choose between ham and bacon.”

“I’d rather hang myself,” answered another.