Suzelle’s Keeping up with the Kardashians VIDEO

South Africa’s favourite DIY goddess, Suzelle, has posted a short video to bring her best friend Marianne up to date with the Kardashians, the American family who’ve become famous with their reality TV shows.

Suzelle in the bush
Source: FB/SuzelleDIY

The video has nothing to do with DIY… but it’s a lesson “which is important for things like popular culture” Suzelle wrote on her Facebook page.

After watching the video, one of her fans said: “That is more than I ever wanted to learn about them… and now I can’t unlearn it. But beautifully delivered as usual, I’d attend your school for sure.”

Suzelle’s been up to a lot lately – recently posting a glam photo of herself on safari. She wrote: “Lookie lookie! I’m in the bushie!”

Watch Video: A Lessons on the Kardashian Family from Suzelle DIY