For his latest album, “Johnny Clegg 2016”, the South African singer of “Scatterlings of Africa” remixes some of his most-loved songs and gives them a fresh dance beat.

Watch the latest rendition of “Take My Heart Away (High Society Remix)”, shot by Jaron Clegg in Diepsloot:

The 17 tracks, including “Great Heart” and “Scatterlings of Africa”, offer new remixes that pay homage to the original songs but transform them into fresh dance-floor anthems, which the producers reportedly hope will satisfy not only Clegg’s existing fans but bring a new audience on board.

About the video for “Take My Heart Away”, directed by Jaron Clegg, Johnny Clegg said on his Facebook page, “Shot on site in Maropeng and Diepsloot. Johnny and Jaron would both like to thank the people of Diepsloot for welcoming them in to the community and for their enthusiastic participation”.

Clegg was quoted in media saying, “As a singer/songwriter, with published works going back as far as 1976, I have always been fascinated and moved by other artists who have covered my work in some way, whether using my lyrics or doing their own versions of my songs. This set of dance mixes is particularly exciting because my song structures have often been a bit complicated, with lots of bridges, pre-choruses and a strong cultural cross-over using characteristic Zulu and other ethnic influences.

“Each song has a different contributor and so creates a really interesting set of approaches to my music and gives them a new audience whilst expanding their interpretation and musical horizon. I hope my audience enjoys this collection.”