Could this be the future for rhino? A zoo in Tel Aviv, Israel, is celebrating the birth of a male white rhino, born to a 23-year-old white rhino – named Tanda – which the zoo received 13 years ago.

The Zoological Center of Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan is renowned or its record-breaking rhino births, explained by its “excellent conditions” which are apparently similar to those in Africa, from where these rhino originate.

Although the existence of zoos themselves is controversial amongst conservationists who believe all animals should be kept in the wild, the zoo says that with rhino numbers plunging drastically in Africa – particularly South Africa – where they are being poached to extinction, these type of births – in captivity – are positive and provide some hope for the future of the species.

In the video, Tanda can be seen with a custom-made equestrian fly mask which she wears permanently because of a chronic eye infection.

The zoo now has 28 rhino in its Africa section.

Watch Video: Baby white rhino born in Israeli zoo