John Steenhuisen on SONA: “Zuma’s Members Slept and the Nation Wept”

Democratic Alliance (DA) Chief Whip John Steenhuisen, had strong criticism for President Jacob Zuma, the Speaker and several members of the ANC, at today’s 2017 SONA (State of the Nation) Debate.

He said that Zuma, in his monotonous voice with a speech written by Luthuli House, had put his own benches to sleep and made the nation weep; and added that he “giggled like a schoolgirl”.

Steenhuisen said the “fight starts now” for a government that “fights for growth not Guptas, that brings jobs not jets, that brings dignity not despair. You’ve given us the keys to the metros, it’s time to give us the keys to the Union buildings in 2019…”Watch John Steenhuisen: 2017 SONA debate full speech

Seen at SONA last week… while Zuma was talking. Click here to view more about what went down in Parliament at SONA 2017.

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