‘My People, My Loeriesfontein’ Rieldans Video Kicks Up Dust Again

Kay September’s gorgeous video of “my people, my Loeriesfontein” is going viral again. Kay first uploaded the video in 2013. The following year she filmed more of the high energy, dust-kicking dancing, exclusively for SAPeople followers who had loved her first video. You can watch both below.

loeriesfontein rieldansers
Loeriesfontein Rieldansers. Photo by Kay September

Rieldans is one of South Africa’s oldest dancing styles and can be traced back to the Khoi San. It’s often performed in a circle; and is about¬†wooing and lovemaking… and apparently takes some of its moves from ostrich courtship rituals!

Kay is passionate about Loeriesfontein. “It’s where my roots are. I grew up there… The people are friendly and we have our own expressions that may be strange to¬†the ears of a visitor.”

It was Kay’s sister, Moira Bladergroen, who started the ‘Rieldans’ group in Loeriesfontein. Kay works as an attorney in Cape Town… but escapes to Loeriesfontein whenever she can.

“I feel lighter when I am there and it feels like home. It is as if everything else becomes non-existent the minute I drive into town. I feel different and I become different; I am more open, happy and spontaneous. I feel alive. I just love being there…”

Kay September: My people, my Loeriesfontein

Loeriesfontein Kliptrappers at a Rieldans competition in Clanwilliam, South Africa