Justin Bieber Plays Pranks in SA and Says: “South Africa is Incredible”

Justin Bieber’s clearly enjoying himself during the South African leg of his Purpose Tour. He’s been spotted out on Table Mountain, had fun filming a live-stream video on Instagram… and tweeted a message saying: “South Africa is incredible.” (See below.)

According to his YouTube channel the Instagram video includes (a somewhat bored) Justin pranking, giving a tour of his hotel – One&Only – in Cape Town, giving away his PlayStation username, and talking to friends Joe Termini, Scooter Braun & bodyguards on the 16th of May 2017.

It was cool for many to see Justin pranking hotel guests when just days ago, a South African had pranked shoppers at Sandton City in Johannesburg by pretending to be Justin Bieber… creating a fan frenzy! Justin performed to Joburg audiences on Sunday night.

Just hours ago, Justin posted the photo below… just before taking to the stage in Cape Town.

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Justin’s tweet on Monday…

Late Tuesday night, Justin posted this video… showing just how excited even superstars get when they taste South African coffee!

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Justin Bieber’s Instagram Video

Over 400,000 people were watching this video live. Here are the best bits…

For a quick view: 0:25 – Bathroom tour, 1:36 – Justin shaves, 3:19 – Justin decides to prank hotel guests, 4:54 – Justin gets caught by a guard, 6:20 – Justin’s friends find him; 7:01 – Justin flirts with a guy, 10:01 – Justin does a funny Russian accent, 11:15 – Justin pretends to be room service.

Here’s the FULL Justin Bieber Instagram live stream from Cape Town, South Africa