On Tuesday, 17 May 2017, Democratic Alliance (DA) Leader Mmusi Maimane delivered what his party is calling “a landmark speech on the realignment of South African politics and the road to election 2019”.

He delivered his vision for a post-ANC South Africa, and said: “I am prepared to work with all parties that share this goal [of building a winning coalition government].

“This includes those good people remaining in the ANC who have been moved by recent events to speak out about what is happening in their party.

“We have to start thinking of a post-ANC South Africa, and how this can look and work..”

Here’s a brief 4-minute version (FULL speech below) – Mmusi Maimane: Imagine a South Africa…

Watch the FULL speech here – Mmusi Maimane: The ANC is Dead. Long Live South Africa


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