WATCH The Colour of Lies: “Born in a Generation Too Young to Engineer Apartheid, But Vilified…”

South African musician Don Clarke has published several videos that have gone viral (see bottom of page). They’re usually controversial and outspoken… but always have unity and peace at their heart. His latest – The Colour of Lies – is no exception…

Don writes: “My friends, these are troubled times in which the flames of racist hatred are being fanned by small, dark forces with uncertain agendas.

“The exploitation of skin colour in the quest for power, security and domination has long been, and remains, a poor substitute for the truth.


“As a white man I have but one perspective, with which I do battle constantly. But I do know that I was born in a generation that was too young to willingly subscribe to Apartheid, and I’m being vilified by a generation that was too young to suffer under it.

“This is my dilemma. And this song is my way of trying to make sense of it all.

“If this sentiment in any way resonates with you, please share this video. Love & peace! :)”

Watch The Colour of Lies


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