rhino south africa
Bonné de Bod and a SANParks Ranger with a Rhino orphan in the south of Kruger © Susan Scott C02A1591

There have been shocking reports on social media of over 20 rhino, possibly even 31, being brutally killed this past weekend in South Africa. All for their horns. To feed an insane belief amongst some in the Asian market (mainly China and Vietnam) that the horn has miraculous curing properties and is considered a status symbol… when all it does is prove these buyers are rich, ignorant and heartless. The cruelty is driven by an incredible financial greed from poaching syndicates and the suspected government officials and insiders that enable them. Speaking to SAPeople exclusively, BONNE DE BOD of STROOP Rhino Poaching Documentary had this to say about the tragic rhino poaching of this past weekend…

Bonné de Bod and the SAPS Environmental Crimes Unit inside Kruger on a crime scene © Susan Scott-C02A8498

“It’s shocking what’s happened this week. I don’t have any confirmed numbers but what we do know is that this past weekend brought in 20 confirmed rhino deaths.

“I’ve seen that the unconfirmed figure is as high as 31, and that is only from those we know about, those posted about on social media.

rhino south africa
Bonné de Bod inspecting a poached rhino inside Kruger © Susan Scott

“The Kruger National Park does not release stats publicly, they send them through to the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), so this past weekend’s figure would not include their figures.

“In addition, many private rhino owners only report directly to DEA and do not make poachings on their farm or reserve public.

rhino south africa
Bonné de Bod and a SANParks Ranger with a Rhino orphan in the south of Kruger © Susan Scott C02A1591

“So there’s a lot of poachings that we, the public, don’t know about. What we do know from this past weekend is shocking: six on Sunday night in the Mbhuzane area of iMfolozi from eleven gunshots at midnight.

“And nine rhinos poached on a farm in the Northern Cape.

“Nine rhinos on one farm! I have been talking to the farmer, and obviously there is an investigation pending, but that is a staggering amount lost in one location.

“We’ve also had several other rhinos poached this last weekend around South Africa, with a black rhino mother and her calf being killed on a Limpopo farm. A calf with just a nub for a horn…

“These are critically endangered black rhinos we’re talking about with only a few thousand left on the planet…”