Interview with Farmer Who Shot Dead 1 Escaped Lion, Wounded Second

The search for the latest lions to have escaped from the Kruger National Park in South Africa ended tragically today when it was decided to destroy them after one had been killed and another wounded by a farmer in the area of Mara Valley. The lions had attacked his cattle. Here is an official interview with the farmer, Isak Jansen van Vuuren…

According to a statement from Mpumalanga Tourism & Parks Agency (MTPA) and SA National Parks (SANParks), a dedicated and experienced team had been on site working tirelessly to locate and capture these lions.

“Unfortunately after all efforts were made and the risk of having a wounded lion roaming around, a decision had to be taken to destroy them”, said Abe Sibiya, Head of Biodiversity at MTPA. (Please read the full statement here.)

Of the escape, SANParks General Manager of Veterinary Wildlife Services, Dr Markus Hofmeyr, said earlier this week that it is important to note that the lion population has grown exponentially and is an attributing factor to young males looking to own new territories within the Park.

This is as a result of naturally occurring factors like drought which South Africa has seen in the last two years, allowing for an abundance of animals for predators like lions to feed on, and an increase in their population.

He said the fence is surrounding the Park and is largely a disease control intervention managed by the National Department of Agriculture and serves primarily to keep wild animals from getting into contact with livestock. (Read more here.)

Regular SAPeople contributor, Sheryn Nader, who lives less than half an hour’s drive away in Barberton, from where the lions were located, says Lowvelders are “heartbroken” and that her page Barberton Bliss is “full of very angry and upset people!!”

Watch Interview with Farmer who Shots 2 Escaped Kruger National Park Lions

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Read the full statement from Mpumalanga Tourism and South African National Parks regarding the tragic killing of its escaped lions from Kruger National Park here.