SA Businessman Kenny Kunene Allegedly Targeted in Attempted Hit

JOHANNESBURG – Well known South African businessman and socialite, Kenny Kunene, was allegedly targeted in a murder attempt Tuesday night, which may have been linked to reports of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s alleged extramarital affairs.

Kunene told the SABC he had been in his Sandton office, where Sunday Independent editor – and friend – Steven Motale had joined him. He left the office briefly with a “lady friend” to go and fetch something in Houghton, and on his way back at around 9pm the incident occurred in the Norwood area.

A white Lexus overtook and blocked him, before the occupants jumped out. He could see a gun and started reversing, but his car went up on the pavement which gave them the “opportunity” to start shooting. He said by the “Grace of God” the men then fled, possibly because another vehicle was approaching.

Kunene believes it was “not a botched carjacking” but something more sinister. He said the men shot at the car and went onto the pavement rather than straight to the driver’s door to steal the car.

Police said there were at least 13 bullets fired. Nobody was injured.

Kunene said Motale has been receiving death threats since Friday when questions he sent Cyril Ramaphosa, regarding the Deputy President’s alleged affairs, were leaked to the press. Kunene said his own website had also written about the story on Sunday and Monday.

Motale had been due to travel with Kunene but his security staff told him it wasn’t safe. Kunene said perhaps they advised him so because the car was small and Motale is tall.

Still shaken, Kunane said: “I’ve never had this problem… I don’t know why these guys would want to shoot me… I hope they get arrested and can tell why they wanted me dead.”

He has enlisted a forensic expert who he would like to assist the police to ensure the alleged shooters are arrested. A case of attempted murder has been opened.

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