‘Bring Marco Home’ Dog Search Ends Sadly BUT His Memory Will Live On

The body of the most searched for dog in South Africa, has sadly been found.

Conservationist Ayesha Cantor wrote on Facebook last night: “Marco’s body was found in Greenbushes [Port Elizabeth] this evening. 😢 No further details. There must be little consolation for poor Anneli besides at least knowing where he is. Such heartbreaking news…devastating. Thank you Facebook friends for sharing the multitude of posts these past two weeks.Xx”

The search for Marco in Port Elizabeth had captured the hearts of South Africans nationwide, and even South African expats abroad, who spread photos and news of Marco’s disappearance in a desperate bid to find him alive and bring him home.

A ‘Bring Marco Home’ page was set up on social media.

The three-year-old Australian cattle dog had allegedly been stolen from Anneli van Jaarsveld’s smallholding on Saturday, 24 February 2018.

It was believed that Marco had possibly been taken by the occupants of a blue BMW with GP (Gauteng Province) numberplates.

Anneli told local reporters that Marco “isn’t the wandering type”.

A reward of R50,000 was offered for anyone who could find Marco alive before 01 April (or the money would go to lost pet charities). Anneli said at the time “I was afraid that the social media campaign would put so much pressure on the people who took him that they’d kill him, that’s why I’m offering such a big reward.”

Late last night a message was posted on the Bring Marco Home page:

“Hi everyone, I am typing this message with a heavy heart on behalf of Anneli. Marco was found dead a bit earlier, he has been identified and taken home and buried in his garden.

Please give Anneli a few days before you make contact. From the bottom of our hearts we thank each and everyone of you.

Marco’s memory will NOT end here! So please watch this page [the Bring Marco Home page].

Fly high Marco”


Marco's body was found in Greenbushes this evening. 😢No further details.There must be little consolation for poor…

Posted by Ayesha Cantor on Saturday, March 10, 2018