WATCH PJ Powers Surprise Secunda’s Viral ‘Mama Jabulani’

If you’re looking for something positive to lighten your spirits, this video from Secunda, South Africa, has it all.

As many will remember, a couple of months ago Stephanie van der Walt secretly filmed her mom “cleaning new South African style”. Mom (Sandra Nel) was washing the bathroom to the music – and moves – of PJ Powers’ awesome hit, Jabulani.

Stephanie wrote #NetInSuidAfrika (Only in South Africa) and posted the video to social media… where to her dancing mom’s surprise, it went viral within hours!

But the surprise didn’t end there.

“PJ Powers herself saw the video and arranged to surprise my mother,” says Stephanie.

Together with the local Ridge newspaper, and PJ’s agent Garth, Stephanie secretly arranged the surprise for her mom at Oregon Spur Steak Ranch in Secunda.

“After the video went viral our newspaper did an interview with us so my mom thought we were going for a follow up interview!” says Stephanie.

Last week Spur created a video of the surprise. Stephanie says: “Let’s share something positive. Spur – thank you so much for creating this video for us with all the memories with Pj Powers’ Mama Jabulani Surprise. Thank you for a divine breakfast and the extraordinary hospitality. #BringingEveryoneTogether #Goosebumps.”

Her mom Sandra says: “Just one word of thanks from Mama Jabulani. I love Jabulani so much because it means Happiness – and I am always happy, and try to find the positive in every day and every person…”

WATCH PJ Powers surprise Mama Jabulani

Let's Share Something Positive💕👌🏻Oregon Spur Steak Ranch Secunda. Thank u so much for creating this video for us with all the memories with Pj Powers Mama Jabulani Surprise. So many unseen footages…Looking back now…Wow thanks for this video. Thank u ever so much for a devine breakfast this morning & the extraordinary the Hospitality. #BringingEveryoneTogether #Goosebumps

Posted by Stephanie van der Walt on Saturday, June 30, 2018

WATCH the original video that went viral of Sandra cleaning the bathroom to Jabulani

Caught my mom on camera😂 Cleaning new South African Style. Sorry mammie😂#NetInSuidAfrika

Posted by Stephanie van der Walt on Sunday, April 15, 2018