Watch Schoolchildren in Indonesia Sing Shosholoza from the Heart

Watch below as a class of Grade 4 schoolchildren in Indonesia sing Shosholoza in beautiful harmony.

The video of the children – aged between 8 and 10 – was filmed by South African expat Cheryl Shelley Wevell, who is the Junior Section Art teacher at Sekhola Mutiara Harapan.

Cheryl, who has been in Indonesia for five years, says that she first overheard them when she was walking back to her art room last week.

“I heard them singing… and cried. It was just so beautiful. So I asked them to invite me to their practices so that I could hear them more. Today they invited me.”

They were singing just for Cheryl, no other audience. “The children are beautiful inside and out,” she says.

Cheryl says the school is focussed on international open-mindedness, and runs regular programs to help build community togetherness

“The Grade 4 kiddies are currently doing a theme on different cultures around the world. Since there is a South African girl in their class they chose a song, and with the help of the Junior section Music teacher, the grade 4 class teachers helped the children sing Shosholoza.”

WATCH Indonesian schoolchildren sing Shosholoza