Photos & Video After Rare Heavy Rains Fall Down on Namibia

Namibia’s desert landscape got a makeover this week as magical water poured down from the heavens.

Photo by @namibsky

In some parts over 100mm fell according to the Namibia Meteorological Service, flooding rivers (see video below) and finishing with radiant rainbows.

Photo by @namibsky

Well known Gauteng-based publicist Georg Knoke, who grew up in Namibia, said on Facebook: “Magic in Sossusvlei – Namibia! This is unusual and unbelievable! Normally there is not a drop of water in sight! Miracles still happen – lots of rain in Namibia!”

Georg, along with many others on social media, posted spectacular photos from Namib Sky Balloon Safaris (@namibsky). See below.

Although areas like Omaruru received 102,2mm, others – like Windhoek Central – only got 10,4mm. Along with the rain, came east wind conditions with temperatures reaching over 30 degrees, according to The Namibian newspaper.

Andries H Matthysen shared the following video of the Tsondab River, near Solitaire, in Namibia.

WATCH Rare footage of Tsondab River in flood

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