While visiting the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on Sunday I dropped my iphone in the parking lot without realizing it and thought never to see it again writes Sergio Coelho.

Sergio thanks Sbu. Image Serbio Coehlo

Here is the story Sergio shared on his Facebook page yesterday:

On Sunday evening around 10.30 pm, I received a call on Melissa’s cell (from which we were calling my phone all afternoon) from a guy who said don’t worry I have your phone and will bring it to you on Monday.
This was too good to be true but I went and met up with Sbu at the waterfront.
He arrived with a big smile on his face and said there you go, shook my hand and started to walk off without asking for anything.
I called him back to stand next to me for a photo and placed a couple of hundred rands in his hand for returning my phone.
He told me he has no job and hence was at the Waterfront on Sunday looking for work.
What an overwhelming thought that there are still honest people with great intentions out there that can be trusted.
Please if anyone who resides in Cape Town and could possibly help Sbu with a job I would really appreciate it as he has proven his loyalty and honesty in these hard times we live in.
If you would like to get hold of him please message me and I ll give you his number.
A huge thank you Sbu !!!!!

In a follow up post today Sergio wrote: ‘Sbu u legend and hero. My cell phone finder and returner. God bless you’.  To show his appreciation Sergio urged his facebook friends yesterday to help Sbu to find work and today commented that he has had 4 job offers already!


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