South Africa has had a field day with weird and wacky viral posts in the past week – namely My F*k Marelize (where a 19-year-old learner cyclist rode straight into a rugby pole!) and ‘The Resurrection’, the latter even making news around the world.

The Guardian newspaper in the UK posted a collection of some of the best tweets, after the hashtag ResurrectionChallenge went viral within hours of Pastor Alph Lukau’s kind of ridiculous video of him ‘reviving’ a man who was supposedly dead.

The Alleluia Ministries International pastor claimed to have performed a miracle… but instead set off a social media craze with people mimicking his so-called powers. Watch here:

Resurrection Challenge – South Africans mock pastor on social media for ‘resurrection stunt’

And now Richard Henry Productions in South Africa have created the ultimate Resurrection Challenge video… that finally puts the viral post to rest.

Director Richard van Schalkwyk told SAPeople: “This one is not quite out of the news yet. I was going to say not dead yet but…”

He added: “We had fun making it!”

WATCH Meanwhile elsewhere the resurrection did not go as planned – by Richard Henry Productions