The loadshedding crisis in South Africa, which has dragged on (and off) for around 11 years is not so much a power failure, say some, as a failure of power. And therefore no joke – of which there are many, it being South Africa and all – captures the ineptitude of those controlling South Africa’s electricity as well as an apparent Zapiro cartoon which is being shared a lot faster than the lights are going on.

The joke, quite simply, shows a Megawatt sign being replaced by a Megatwat sign! It first appeared in 2015 and is now 2019’s top load-shedding joke.

Zapiro does it again ….. gotta love the man!!!

Posted by Ian Langdon on Thursday, March 12, 2015

Zapiro does it again. Spot on. Zapiro sums it up perfectly. Those were just some of the responses.

Except it turns out it wasn’t really Zapiro, and the well known, and very talented, cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro is less than impressed.

Writing on Zapiro’s Facebook page, Shapiro said: “There is an altered Zapiro cartoon doing the rounds on social media about Eskom… It’s copyright infringement! Be aware!”

He then reposted the original which dates back to December 2014 when South Africa was plunged into a Black Christmas. The Zapiro cartoon was also funny, with the Megawatt sign replaced with Microwatt.

But many writing on Zapiro’s page had to admit they preferred the “hilarious” altered one. “Eskom today is too few megawatts and too many megatwats. It’s almost poetic in its perfection,” said social media user Christine Cameron-Dow.

Mark Busby added: “Don’t be too hard on those who “adjusted” it… They possibly said what you wanted to but would have crossed the line with… We love your work!”

The Original Zapiro cartoon, December 2014

There is an altered Zapiro cartoon doing the rounds on social media about Eskom… It's copyright infringement! Be…

Posted by Zapiro on Sunday, March 17, 2019

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