WATCH Paris Travellers Surprised by Amazing Lion King Performance at Train Station

On Thursday one of Paris’ main train stations – the Gare de Lyon – was transformed into Gare de Lion (The Lion’s Station 🩁)… and travellers were able to witness a spectacular musical performance by Disneyland Paris!

As with most train stations in France, there is a piano that anybody – from amateur to professional – can play for free. But the unsuspecting travellers had no idea just how talented the guy at the piano was until one of the singers kicked off the Circle of Life sing-off. Watch below.

WATCH THE LION KING: Disneyland Paris Cast Surprises Train Station with Circle of Life

Disneyland Paris – Gare du Lion

Hier avec Disneyland Paris on a transformĂ© la Gare de Lyon en … La Gare du Lion 🩁 ! Les voyageurs ont pu assister Ă  une performance musicale spectaculaire Ă  l'occasion du lancement du Festival du Roi Lion et de la Jungle. Attention GuĂ©pard imminent !

Posted by BETC on Friday, June 7, 2019

The musical treat was to launch Disneyland Paris’ upcoming Lion King and Jungle Festival which starts at the end of June; and the musicians at the train station were members of the new Lion King cast.

The new show will be at Disneyland Paris from 30 June to 22 September 2019.