WATCH Man Claiming to be ‘Black Jesus’ Walks Through Blairgowrie with Female Companion

A video of a man claiming to be ‘Black Jesus’ and his female companion, walking along a Johannesburg street, has been going viral in South Africa over the past 24 hours. Both are not wearing a stitch of clothing.

A female driver who appears to have filmed the incident can be heard asking the couple: “Are you following a religion?” to which the man explains that he is Jesus and Jesus is black, not white.

The video was apparently filmed  in Blairgowrie yesterday, at the corner of Barkston and Nielsen Drive. The man can be heard asking the driver for a lift to Northcliff where he wants to be king.

While some have joked about the video (calling them Adam and Eve), others have stressed it is upsetting as the couple could have mental health or drug problems. And others suspect it could be a set-up with a couple of actors.

The footage has been trending on Twitter where a separate post was also published by the alleged cousin of the man’s female companion, searching for her.

It has since been reported by several Twitter users that the couple has been taken to the Helen Joseph hospital by police and a security company. This has not been officially confirmed.