WATCH State of the Nation Address (SONA) 2020 Live

Watch President Cyril Ramaphosa deliver his State of the Nation Address (SONA) live here.

Before the President has even got a chance to speak, EFF Leader Julius Malema and his colleagues have argued with the speaker that former President FW de Klerk should be removed from Parliament. Malema says he has blood on his hands.

The Speaker said that according to the rules President de Klerk and all former leaders of South Africa are invited to the SONA, and De Klerk was invited.

Inkatha’s Buthelezi suggested a vote get taken as to whether De Klerk be allowed to remain or not. The EFF seconded it, but the Speaker said the rules (13.2) do not allow for it at a joint sitting.

Before the President could even get past his greetings, the EFF again interrupted for a verbal onslaught on Pravin Gordhan, blaming him for loadshedding and SAA’s business rescue, and demanding that Ramaphosa fire him… promising “you’ll have a peaceful house” (if you adjourn the House to fire Gordhan).

READ UPDATE: South Africa’s Sona State of Chaos – House Suspended! (The House says President Ramaphosa will deliver his SONA tonight.)