WATCH Bohemian Parody ‘Lockdown Rhapsody’ by South Africa’s The Kiffness

The Kiffness has been keeping South African informed about Coronavirus… and entertained. David Scott’s COVID-19 version of Toto’s Africa went hugely viral, and his latest is sure to be just as popular. This time he’s done a Bohemian Rhapsody Parody… called the Lockdown Rhapsody…

The lyrics, as usual, are spot on! “This is the real life, this isn’t fantasy, caught in a lockdown, no escape from the quarantine…” Listen for yourself below…

The video, which The Kiffness published today, has already been shared over 5,600 times on Facebook in six hours!

WATCH The Kiffness (aka David Scott): The Bohemian Parody – Lockdown Rhapsody

Lockdown Rhapsody

Lockdown Rhapsody

Posted by The Kiffness on Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Here’s a non-South African version from a few days ago…

WATCH Coronavirus Rhapsody by Adrian Grimes