16 Suspects Arrested for Breaking into Bob’s Bar and Baby Shop in Cape Town CBD

Sixteen criminals have been arrested in the CBD since the weekend, mostly for breaking into city centre businesses that are closed due to the national lockdown. Well known Bob’s Bar, Harrington’s, Revelas Fisheries and Liny’s Baby shop were all targeted.

16 criminals arrested Cape Town CBD lockdown
Cape Town, South Africa. Photo: Pixabay

CCID Safety & Security manager Mo Hendricks says the crimes were sporadic and opportunistic, and occurred in various precincts throughout the CBD.

In the biggest arrest, which took place on Sunday at 10h35, seven suspects were arrested for breaking into Liny’s Baby Shop on the corner of Plein and Strand streets near Cape Town Station.

Three suspects were also arrested on Sunday for breaking into Revelas Fisheries in Long Street, with another two arrested for a house break-in on the corner of Buitengracht and Wale streets.

The most dramatic arrest took place on Saturday when three suspects were spotted by a CCID Public Safety Officer inside the alley next to Bob’s Bar in Constitution Street.

Says CCID night manager TJ Jenkins: “Three suspects disappeared inside the premises, and the steel door was closed from the inside. Two of them then tried to escape by jumping from the top of the door but they were apprehended by CCID officers.

“The third suspect was thought to have remained inside the building. When I arrived on the scene at 18h45, I requested assistance from SAPS, and informed the business owners of Harrington’s and Bob’s Bar respectively of the incident, so that we could search for the third suspect inside their premises.

“It was then discovered that alcohol to the value of R9 000 had been stolen from Bob’s Bar.” The sale of alcohol is banned during South Africa’s Lockdown.

“The third suspect was never found. We believe he escaped over the rooftops and jumped down into Canterbury Street. The other suspects were arrested, and cases of theft opened against them.”

Two suspects were also arrested for being in the possession of implements used to break into cars.

Says Mo: “We will not tolerate criminal activity in the CBD during the lockdown while our nation is trying to combat the coronavirus crisis.

“Criminals need to know that they will be caught and brought to book: we have 300 Public Safety Officers working shifts 24/7, and they have been briefed and know what to look out for.”