Around 150 South Africans became stranded at Heathrow Airport in transit on their way home to SA. They have still not managed to get home. Photo: Jared

This Sunday, Carte Blanche investigates how hundreds of desperate South Africans stuck abroad on almost every continent are dealing with this crisis.

Around 150 South Africans became stranded at Heathrow Airport in transit on their way home to SA. They have still not managed to get home, but things are looking promising. Photo: Jared Hamer

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South Africans Stranded Abroad

Carte Blanche asks: how will more than 1400 South Africans make their way home after global COVID-19 lockdowns have left them stranded in various countries around the world?

With flights suspended and global travel restrictions in place, many travellers face uncertainty as they try to stay safe and comfortable on foreign soil.

The SA Government did announce amendments to lockdown regulations which now allow for flights carrying South African citizens and permanent residents to land in SA, as long as permission has been sought and granted, and as long as the passengers undergo mandatory quarantine (of possibly 14 days).

DIRCO is faced with a logistical nightmare in trying to co-ordinate any form of repatriation (whilst ensuring that South Africans back home are kept safe from the possible spread of Coronavirus).

However, the mission is in process. The first flight of 16 repatriated South Africans from Dubai and Doha landed yesterday 2 April. And an SAA flight from Germany is due over the weekend.

Hundreds of South Africans have joined WhatsApp groups around the world, not only to find out accurate info on when they may be able to return; but also to keep connected, keep their spirits up, and survive alone during a pandemic that has isolated even those who are safe at home with their family members.

In Germany, SAPeople members have been informed of an SAA flight that has been arranged for 5 April to take South Africans back to SA, but for those who already had return flights on other airlines (who are not offering refunds), the extra cost of the flight is not affordable for them… and they will have to remain in a foreign country.

south africans stuck abroad wuhan
COVID-19 quarantined citizens from The Ranch Resort [Photo: GCIS]
In the UK, South Africans have been informed that they may be quarantined in school hostels, a little less luxurious than the Ranch Resort where students from Wuhan were kept for two weeks.

Some South Africans around the world are running out of money and/or sleeping at airports in some instances. DIRCO has announced that those who are stranded at airports will be the priority.

Carte Blanche investigates this Sunday. (Producer: Julian Sun | Presenter: Masa Kekana)

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PS: Dirco has requested that all South Africans stranded abroad who wish to get home contact their local mission, or DIRCO’s 24-hour command centre on: + 27 12 351 1754 or 012 351 1756 or E-mail them at (send your full name, copy of passport, location and contact details)

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