It is Level 4 lockdown here in South Africa, and if the poor were hungry before covid19, today they are starving. My name is Marilyn Bassin. I have worked with indigent children for nearly 30 years and founded and run an NGO which allows us to help the poorest families who live in shacks, squatter camps and overcrowded hostels.

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We endeavour to give families hope for a future with regards to schooling, health, dignity and children’s rights. We network extensively with other NGO’s (non-governmental organisations) to improve the delivery of services.

Since all work ceased here at lockdown, poverty-stricken households have cut proteins and veggies from their diets… and many live off maize meal alone.

We, together with the e’Pap Foundation, are distributing e’Pap (a highly fortified cereal rich in most of the vitamins and minerals needed daily) to other vetted registered non-profits and civic organisations all over SA, for them to hand out as they see fit.

We need help to fund this; a 21-day supply costs R75 per person.

We never dreamed we would see SA’s people suffer like this.

If you would like to assist herewith banking details:
Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation
Standard Bank Balfour Park
Current account: 331784408
Br code: 051001
SWIFT: SBZAZAJJ (International donations)
Please use ‘COVID19’ as a reference.


In the last few weeks, Marilyn’s team has fed thousands around the country. Just today food parcels with èPap were delivered to a school of hundreds of starving children in Soweto; 1,000 children in Joburg each fed for the next three weeks. Last week the Angel Network SA‎ thanked Boikanyo for the overwhelmingly generous donation of 1,500 epap sachets for three of their beneficiaries who together are trying to feed over 2,000 people daily. “Our hearts are full,” they said in gratitude.

If you can, please support. You can find out more here or use the details above to donate. Thank you.

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Posted by Marilyn Herson Bassin on Monday, May 4, 2020