south-african-passport applications open
South African passport. Photo: DHA

South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs has announced additional categories of passport applications that will be accepted at DHA offices during lockdown.

The categories include applications by SA citizens who need to take up employment abroad, who need to be reunited with their families abroad, who need to take up permanent residency abroad or who are abroad and need to renew their passports.

Answering questions on a thread on social media, the DHA said that for parents who need to take up employment abroad, their children (who will obviously be going abroad with them) can also apply for their passports at the same time.

Some South African Embassies abroad have indicated they expect to open within the following two weeks, where expats will be able to apply for new passports. Please keep an eye on your Embassy’s website for exact opening dates.

The DHA said in another comment, responding to someone who needs to be reunited with their family abroad, that the supporting documents required would include their old passport, Visa and medical insurance.