WATCH Safari Guide’s Brilliant Tips on How to Pronounce Zulu Clicks

Social media viewers around the world are falling in love with Sakhile Dube’s voice. Sakhile – a safari guide from St Lucia in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), South Africa – can be seen (and heard) demonstrating how the click sounds are pronounced in the Zulu language.

His wonderful smile, welcoming viewers to iSimangaliso, and his smooth voice have resulted in many YouTube users calling for him to do voice over work. For now he seems very happy conducting walking safaris at Safari and Surf, where he joined the team in March 2019.

For now Sakhile Dube seems very happy conducting walking safaris at Safari and Surf. Photo: FB/Safari and Surf

Sakhile explains that all four of the Nguni people have click sounds – the Xhosa (like Nelson Mandela) in the Eastern Cape, Zulu people in KZN, Ndebele people in Mpumalanga and Swazi in Swaziland (now called Eswatini). He adds that the most well known people in South Africa with a click are the san people. Watch below for how to prounce those click sounds…

Viewers have left messages like this one: “This guys is incredible. His voice is amazing. And when he makes the sounds as he talks, he actually sounds like an electronic voice! I could imagine him doing all kinds of voice over work, especially Sci-Fi!”

WATCH How to pronounce Zulu clicks with Sakhile Dube