Robbery at Turkish restaurant in Sunninghill yesterday.

A brazen ‘Rolex’ robbery took place yesterday at a Turkish restaurant in Sunninghill Village shopping centre, in Sandton, Johannesburg. In a video which has gone viral in South Africa, at least two suspects can be seen, pointing their guns at a table of six diners.

One suspect, dressed in dark clothes, can be seen jumping over a wall and pointing a gun at the table of male diners at Istanbul Kebab, while another suspect with a lighter top and a cap comes into view at the bottom of the screen. The restaurant customers attempted to flee, although a couple of them stumbled. They appear to have been shaken, but unharmed.

Blue Hawk Tactical was one of many to post the video. They said: “Robbery at the Turkish Restaurant in Sunninghill Village Shopping Centre yesterday. BEWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS – Don’t wear fancy watches in public is our recommendation!”

The owner of Istanbul Kebab told SAPeople his son was at the restaurant but fortunately “we are all okay”. He said he wishes he could speak to ministers and that SA would look at other countries for examples on how to take control of this crime, but points out that until they and the President experience these kind of robberies themselves, only then “will they understand you cannot sleep, thinking about your family” and only then would they want to fix the problem.