Picture: @TheRealNBelken

South African expat and comedian Trevor Noah has been blasted for tweeting a video of the US state of Florida being blown up by the Death Star. The tweet was actually posted by The Daily Show and not Noah personally, but as the host of the award-winning show he has come under fire.

The video was published following news that Florida, a swing state, voted for Donald Trump in the US presidential elections. (Trump also won Ohio and Texas.) The edited Star Wars footage was captioned: “Do we have this technology yet?”

While some social media users found it humorous, others said “mass murder” is not funny and that the joke was a “poor choice while we sit and ponder our future. Showing Florida being blown up lands right up there with Trump’s stunts Trevor.”

Political commenters wondered if Twitter would remove the tweet which “threatened violence” but a spokesperson for the social media platform told Fox News: “The tweet referenced is currently not in violation of┬áTwitter Rules.”

By midnight on Tuesday in the US, Joe Biden was leading slightly with 220 against Trump’s 213.