An unknown South African safari guide has created a stunning video with a special New Year 2021 message.

A South African safari guide has produced a stunning wildlife video, with a special New Year 2021 message. The video has been going viral on WhatsApp, but nobody knows who the guide behind the voice is. (If you know – please let us know at so that we can give full credit for this wonderful video.) Watch below. Full transcript beneath the video.

The video is spectacular with both cute and cruel visuals of wildlife, along with drone footage showing a safari guide sitting alone in a safari vehicle during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is what he learnt…

WATCH Safari Guide’s special New Year 2021 message from South Africa

The special words from this wildlife New Year 2021 video are:

In a year where we had to fight for survival
Where isolation was enforced
Loss was substantial
Scarcity was abundant
And it felt like the world was going to end

It was in this chaos that I learnt I wasn’t fighting for my survival
I was learning what was important to fight for
Enforced isolation allowed me to look inwards and find out who I am and what I need to do
The losses taught me to treasure what I have and the people most important
Out of the scarcity came the knowledge that it didn’t require things to make me happy
And that happiness was created from within

As we turn out clocks to 2021, I wish for you to find the fight to focus on what’s important
To look inside and be true to yourself
To treasure the present moment and all those in it
To find happiness within
And to connect with Mother Nature while doing all of this