president's missing ipad joke meme
The President's Missing iPad... Found! Jokes and memes have been doing the rounds on social media. Photo: Twitter

When the President’s iPad went missing in Cape Town yesterday, as he was about to deliver a keynote address about the Transnet National Ports Authority on live TV, he instead delivered a humorous monologue about how his iPad had been ‘stolen’. He was of course joking (although visibly a little shocked). It didn’t take South Africans – with typical SA humour – long before they were producing some really funny memes and jokes about the incident.

The iPad was successfully reunited with its owner, although the Presidency was forced to issue a statement clarifying that it had never been stolen.

“Thank you, South Africa,” said the Presidency. “There was no question of the iPad being missing or stolen. The President was making a light-hearted point while waiting for the iPad to be brought to him – which it was before he began his remarks to media.”

The "Stolen" iPad
The “Stolen” iPad – Steven Chambers, Facebook
Cyril's iPad
Cyril’s iPad – Steven Chambers, Facebook
president's missing ipad joke meme
Source: FB / Steven Chambers on Facebook

president's missing ipad joke meme
Source: FB / Steven Chambers
president's missing ipad joke meme
Missing iPad jokes. Source: FB / Steven Chambers

Not everybody thought it was funny. The EFF’s Floyd Shivambu tweeted: “Weak and wobbly attempts to spin. He evidently didn’t know what to say and had no clue of what he was expected to say and wholly depended on the notes they prepared for him. Leaders who respect their responsibilities should always know what to say when, how and why. Simple!”