ambulance service south africa
SAEPU Condemns Mugging of Ambulance Crews. Image Credit: Twitter@SA_Ambulance

The South African Emergency Personnel’s Union (SAEPU) has strongly condemned the attitude of protesters who involve innocent emergency personnel workers in their protest by attacking them. The union has called for calm as the country is experiencing violence and looting not seen in many years.

Yesterday a crew from Chiawelo base in Soweto, Gauteng, was attacked while on their way to attend a call in the area.

SAEPU said in a statement on Wednesday: “We understand that citizens have got rights to protest and raise their concerns but what we have been experiencing since the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma is pure violence, and some hooligans saw an opportunity to loot.

“Looting businesses, attacking innocent workers, and barricading roads will never be a solution but acts of criminality. SAEPU encourages those with concerns to follow relevant processes to solve them.”

The Union is calling on its members to be careful and to NOT attend calls in all affected areas, as well as to report any form of intimidation from managers.