DA Removes Posters in KZN. Photo: Twitter

Following a furore over DA posters in KwaZulu-Natal which declared “The ANC called you racists. The DA calls you heroes”, the DA has announced today that it is in the process of removing all the posters that have “inadvertently caused offence”.

Dean Macpherson – DA KZN Chairperson – said in a press statement on Thursday: “In my sincere effort to honour the bravery and heroism of law abiding citizens who were left to fend for themselves during the July riots and insurrections, the posters have regretfully caused hurt to some people. I am deeply sorry and apologise for this.

“As these posters were unsanctioned by the DA leader, party structures and party campaign leadership, I am arranging the removal of these posters today.

DA offensive posters
The offending posters that are being removed.

“Sometimes in politics our words may be poorly chosen, but I wish to assure the public, without contradiction, that my intentions are always sincere.

“My intended message was that in the massive void created by a failing state, unable to secure South Africans’ homes and businesses during the riots, some heroic residents were forced to stand up and do what the police and army were unable to do. This action was met with allegations of racism from the ANC.

“At no point did I, nor the DA, and at no point would I or the DA ever condone or support those who undertook vigilante actions. In fact, I once again condemn those who undertook vigilante actions which cost lives and damage to property.”

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