Family Risks All to Save Beloved Dog Fiebie from Fire
Family Risks All to Save Beloved Dog Fiebie from Fire. Photos: Animal Welfare Society of SA

A family in Tafelsig Mitchells Plain risked everything this weekend to save their beloved pet dog, Fiebie, according to news shared by the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa.

The Gentles family watched in horror, on Saturday, as their home – and several adjacent homes – burnt to the ground. The fire left 19 adults and 12 children destitute.

Fiebie dog fire Mitchells Plain

Amidst the panic and chaos, the family’s dog Fiebie ran back into the burning house to find her beloved humans.

“She was soon overcome by smoke and the intensity of the blaze and collapsed,” said the Animal Welfare Society. She most likely would have died there, but thankfully her owner’s brother spotted her… and ran – without hesitation – into the burning house to save Fiebie.

Fiebie dog fire Mitchells Plain

“By the time he reached her the roof was alight and the temperature in the room was hot enough to melt the soles of his shoes,” said the Society. “The situation was extremely dangerous and the pair beat a hasty retreat to the safety of a neighbour’s house where they drenched her in cold water and managed to calm her down.”

The Animal Welfare Society said that “despite having just lost everything, the family selflessly put the needs of Fiebie first and arranged for her to be evacuated to our care.”

The Society’s Hospital Team was alerted to her imminent arrival, and colleague Junaid van Staden – who also serves the local community – went out of his way to help.

Fiebie dog fire Mitchells Plain

Fiebie sustained serious burns to her under-belly and has severely scorched ears as well as several localized burns to the rest of her body, BUT the Animal Welfare Society says “we are confident that this brave girl will make a full recovery and be reunited with her devoted owner in time for Christmas.”

Fiebie dog fire Mitchells Plain

The Society is hoping that animal lovers from across the Cape Metro will join them in celebrating the selflessness of this amazing family and assist by contributing towards Fiebie’s substantial care bill – “because she is clearly deserved of everyone’s love and support at this tough time.”

Pease send your gifts for Fiebie to Payfast

“Let’s get this special girl home!” says the Animal Welfare Society of SA.