JJ Cassanga, second Clover security guard, sadly passes away
JJ Cassanga, second Clover security guard, sadly passes away. Photo supplied

JJ Cassanga, a security guard who was severely assaulted in the same Clover incident that led to the murder of Terrence Tegg, has sadly passed away after collapsing at his doctor’s waiting rooms on Tuesday (28 June).

AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit (PPU) confirmed Cassanga’s death with “deep regret and sadness”.

Cassanga had been assaulted, along with Tegg, during a violent strike at Clover’s business premises in Olifantsfontein on 17 February this year. The angry mob had been brought in on three buses, and were striking about long hours and less pay.

AfriForum’s PPU has been assisting Michele Bebbington, who was engaged to Tegg, as well as the Cassanga-family to ensure that the case receives the attention it deserves.

Cassanga’s family say he sustained severe head trauma and brain injuries in the assault and since then has suffered from seizures and headaches. It is understood he complained of severe headaches on Tuesday and asked to be taken to his doctor. He collapsed in the consulting rooms and was declared dead. Cassanga is survived by four children.

AfriForum’s PPU head, Adv. Gerrie Nel, has urged the police to conduct a thorough investigation.

“We have called on the police to ensure that an autopsy is performed to determine whether there is sufficient evidence of a link between the assault and Cassanga’s eventual death. We express our sincere condolences to Cassanga’s loved ones, and we will continue to support the families of the deceased in this matter.”

The five men accused of Tegg’s murder and the assault on Cassanga will appear again in the Tembisa Magistrate’s court for a continuation of a bail application for three of the accused.

If the evidence reveals a link between the assault and Cassanga’s death, the accused will face a second count of murder.

Shocking revelations about Clover attacks

In March there were shocking revelations during the court case (at Tembisa Magistrate’s Court) about the attacks which led to the murder of Terence Tegg on the premises.

Photo: FB / Terence Tegg
Photo: FB / Terence Tegg

The KZN father of two was contracted as a security official by PPS Security. Testimony showed that the victims were deliberately ambushed with the purpose of doing them harm, and that Terence was brutally beaten and stoned to death.

Some of the attackers also tried to overturn the security vehicle onto Terence’s body.

Both Terence and JJ were robbed of their shotguns and Terence’s wallet was also stolen during the attack.

Capt. Robert George Seckle, the investigating officer in the case, testified that after attacking Terence, the angry mob followed three other security guards – who had been trying to ward them off with rubber bullets – into the premises, and tackled J.J. to the ground.

Seckle testified that the attackers robbed J.J. of his shotgun and proceeded to viciously hit him in the head with the butt of the weapon while holding it at the barrel. Seckle himself was threatened outside the court by supporters of the accused.