Hippo attacks lion on rock in Crocodile River
Hippo attacks lion on rock in Crocodile River. Photo: YT screenshot

A lion stranded on a rock in the Crocodile River this morning got the fright of his life when angry hippos surrounded him and one aggressively attacked him.

Safari guide Steyn Jacobsohn (30) said it was one of the most unique sightings he’s ever had. The incident took place at Mjejane Reserve.

The trapped lion – a young male nomad – was forced to jump into the water to swim to safety… but even his swim is fraught with danger as a hippo lurches at him from beneath the surface!

Steyn told LatestSightings.com: “As co-owner and guide at South Post in Kruger, I’ve seen some incredible sightings, but nothing quite like this.”

Steyn says: “It was clear that this male lion had wandered into the wrong territory, and the hippos were not going to let him off easily.”

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