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Craig Doria is a South African Safari Guide based in Tanzania who offers personalized and bespoke safaris in Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia and South Africa. Follow on www.fb.com/craigdoriasafaris, www.instagram.com/craigdoriasafaris and www.craigdoriasafaris.com

10 Reasons to Make Zanzibar Your Next Holiday Destination

By Craig Doria 31-12-20 20:08

“Zanzibar”, even having lived in East Africa for 16 years, the name still conjurs dreams of exotic mystery, romance and adventure. If you are frequently ‘haunted’ by these wonderful dreams of a tropical island paradise then Zanzibar is the very next holiday you should take, and here are ten reasons why! Zanzibar is actually an […]

The Great Wildebeest Migration, Serengeti – PHOTOS

By Craig Doria 30-07-22 19:13

They say there are 1,500,000 wildebeest in the Serengeti migrating population, but it sure as heck feels like a lot more when you happen upon a bunch of them! By safari guide CRAIG DORIA. Sometimes, especially when you look across a narrow shallow valley, it feels like you are looking at the entire 1,500,000 in […]

Let’s Not Allow Our Giants to Fall

By Craig Doria 11-08-15 14:57

The new movie When Giants Fall is coming soon and it looks like it’s going to be what we’ve been waiting for. It tells the story of the ivory crisis and of the people who fight for the survival of the elephant against increasingly hostile poaching networks. By now we all know that the African […]

Books on Africa

A Few of our Favourite Books (and Movies) Set in Africa

By Craig Doria 13-09-15 14:42

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but at every time of sitting down to write, it’s the one subject that slips from my mind. A safari reading list. There are so many wonderful books on Africa and it is always such a wonderful part of safari campfire conversation. Yet we never […]

10 Tips on How to Really Make a South African Safari Guide Angry

By Craig Doria 04-04-15 15:15

The video hoax of a German tourist annoying a game ranger highlighted how crucial it is to find the right job….and how important it can be to know your bush etiquette when you’re out on safari. As a South African safari guide, based in Tanzania, I have to admit there are a few slightly annoying things that happen over and over […]

End Ivory funded terrorism

Last Days…Video to end Elephant Ivory-funded Terrorism

By Craig Doria 27-05-15 18:41

Is it the same for everyone now when they hear a sentence with the word ‘ivory’ in it? Does everyone get that feeling? The slightly panicked feeling that we are at the end of yet another year and still the numbers of poached elephants grows. I suspect not everyone feels exactly the same when they […]

Dr Ian Player

Dr Ian Player passes away, leaving a legacy for us to continue

By Craig Doria 27-05-15 18:41

It is with sad regret that we have received reports on the death of South African (and international) conservation legend Dr Ian Player. Dr Player who was 87-years-old suffered a serious stroke last Thursday and passed away peacefully at his home in Karkloof, Kwa Zulu Natal today, surrounded by his wife Anne and close family. […]


The Rhino Crisis: Hope and Despair from SANparks

By Craig Doria 25-11-14 20:57

It is with both hope and despair that we read the latest South African National Parks (SANParks) Press Release on Rhino Poaching in South Africa, and we know that the situation is no less bleak in other African countries. It’s never nice to be the prophet of doom, but really – hasn’t the time come […]