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Durban based Professional Photographer. I take pride in delivering work that is always above standard. Kierran Allen/Nikon/Lexar/Clik Elite Visit www.kierranallen.com/

PHOTOS: Anarchy Over Food Parcels Not Delivered in Durban, South Africa

By Kierran Allen 10-05-20 19:44

Today saw violent protests erupt in Shallcross, Durban, as food parcels were again not delivered… writes photojournalist Kierran Allen. As I have said before… people are hungry, desperate and will take drastic measures to get what they want, or – should I say – what they have been promised! Forty-five days have passed in this […]


WATCH Haunting Scenes of Durban Lockdown

By Kierran Allen 02-05-20 13:13

Enter the Durban covid-19 lockdown, a cinematic display of city scenes which will forever be etched in our history… writes Kierran Allen. In this outworldly moment in history let’s appreciate the time we have to adapt and develop new ways in which we go about our everyday lives. We can only beat this as a […]

durban easter sunday lockdown church

Easter Sunday Under Lockdown in Durban, South Africa

By Kierran Allen 13-04-20 00:54

For the first time, most South Africans – and Christians around the world – have celebrated Easter at home with their family in lockdown… writes filmmaker and photographer Kierran Allen, who has captured these photos of Easter Sunday, in Durban, South Africa. As we head into our second phase of trying to ‘flatten the curve’, […]

durban lockdown homeless

PHOTOS Durban Businesses Deliver Food Parcels to Homeless in Lockdown

By Kierran Allen 10-04-20 21:17

A Durban organisation has made sure that a group of homeless people do not go hungry… at a time when  their suffering has been intensified by lockdown conditions in South Africa, reports filmmaker and photographer Kierran Allen. The Umbilo Business Forum (UBF), a voluntary membership and non-profit organization, delivered the first load of food – […]

Durban Lockdown

PHOTOS from KwaMashu Township During Lockdown in South Africa: Part 1

By Kierran Allen 04-04-20 01:09

I have spent quite some time documenting the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, as well as the communities’ response to the lockdown… writes Durban photographer Kierran Allen (who is covering the Lockdown in Durban for SAPeople, with authorisation from SAPS). There are two very different takes on it: and I have witnessed both with my […]

Students protest in Durban, #DurbanShutDown

PHOTOS from Durban’s Peaceful #FeesMustFall Protest March 2015

By Kierran Allen 23-10-15 16:47

I’m not going to get into this much as most people out there already know the #FeesMustFall situation…but instead I will rather show visuals of today’s peaceful march to City Hall in Durban. The protests started last week at the prestigious University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg (with #WitsMustFall), and have since spread to at least […]

Passionate about Wildlife Photography

By Kierran Allen 18-06-14 13:42

Things have been a bit hectic over the past month…I had two lots of equipment stolen in the middle of three huge projects I’m busy shooting! As a photographer it’s the one thing that makes you feel like the world has come to an end. But on the bright side it was all insured, and […]

Top Gear Festival 2014

By Kierran Allen 11-06-14 07:18

As many of you know I am the Official Photographer for Top Gear in South Africa and am privileged to be the one to take the Top Gear Festival to the rest of the world through my images. (It’s crazy to see an image posted on the official Top Gear facebook page which has 14.2 […]

Timelapse Video of Durban Sky Grand Prix

By Kierran Allen 27-03-14 11:11

Here’s a very cool view of the Durban Sky Grand Prix last weekend…via a timelapse video. Durban hosted the first ever adrenaline-pumping Sky Grand Prix on the beachfront last Friday and Saturday.  The Land Sea Air Event was a huge success with thousands of Durbanites coming through to experience the  action. This is a quick […]