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I am South African by birth, Anthropologist by training and photographer by choice. Anthropology explores the question “what does it mean to be human?” – I answer this question through my photographs of South Africa. I am inspired by this place and the people in it. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Margie.de.Villiers

Special Tribute to Johnny Clegg by Former Dance Team Mates

By Marguerite Coetzee 10-09-19 15:59

On September 1st a number of dance teams in Gauteng, South Africa, performed a tribute to the late, great musician Johnny Clegg, who passed away in July. SAPeople contributor Marguerite Coetzee was there to capture the photos on this page. “These are the teams Johnny once danced with – and the children of the people […]

Johnny Clegg Memorial: Laying Down Our Troubles

By Marguerite Coetzee 26-07-19 23:41

“Did you know I was a falconer?” Johnny had said to me some time ago. “I used to have falcons, you know, as pets.” I remember how he smiled with his eyes. His voice sang with laughter and amusement as he told the story of how he would need to feed the falcons mice, and […]

johnny clegg

Johnny Clegg – The Importance of Ending on the Off-Beat

By Marguerite Coetzee 10-07-17 15:59

The Importance of Ending on the Off-Beat is the title of a paper written by Johnny Clegg in 1982 for an Anthropology Symposium at Rhodes University. “Deeper social values have found their way into the dance and contributed to this constant drive for a ‘better ending’.” It’s Johnny Clegg’s final tour. The Final Journey. Guest artist […]

JOHNNY CLEGG: The Final Journey…

By Marguerite Coetzee 03-05-17 13:54

Johnny Clegg is embarking on his final world tour – The Final Journey… after nearly 40 years enjoying one of music’s most remarkable careers. Below one of his biggest fans – whose life has been shaped by his music and anthropological background – pays tribute… In a statement Wednesday, it was revealed Johnny was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 […]

Fab Start to the New Year with Johnny Clegg at Kirstenbosch

By Marguerite Coetzee 05-01-17 22:01

Johnny Clegg ushered in the new year with good vibes and great music at a New Year’s Eve concert at Kirstenbosch in South Africa. MARGUERITE DE VILLIERS captured the photos below… “Each picture has a lyric extract from the song ‘It’s an Illusion’ – a song which I had heard Johnny singing a couple of […]


A View into the Heart of the Dancer with Johnny Clegg in Joburg

By Marguerite Coetzee 20-11-16 23:27

Walking through an informal settlement, you are greeted by children wanting to show off their ability to speak English, Maskandi music crackling from car speakers, and caged chickens calmly awaiting their fate. Mutters, murmurs and audible exclamations of “abelungu!” White people! Handshakes and hand holding, followed by more handshakes. You pass through a white-washed entrance […]


Zanzibar Dreaming – A South African’s First Visit

By Marguerite Coetzee 31-12-20 20:08

Flying over the ocean blue to an island called Unguja, I imagined Zanzibar to be a stereotypical island paradise – bleached beaches, coconuts falling from palm trees, sickly sweet pineapple drinks with those unnecessary little umbrellas – but with the influence of Africa, slavery, and the spice route. Water like liquid sapphire Captures fragments of […]

Jesse Clegg South Africa

PHOTOS of Jesse Clegg at New Album Launch

By Marguerite Coetzee 14-06-16 10:24

Jesse Clegg launched his new album “Things Unseen” earlier this month at the Goodluck Bar in Johannesburg. Music is both entertainment and escape. It captures moments of experience; fragments of life. It embodies the unseen. It is in darkness that we see the stars, that we dream, that the emptiness consumes shadows and hidden truths. Sometimes […]


Animal Magic – Baboons Visit Hermanus After Fire

By Marguerite Coetzee 20-01-16 00:37

Baboons were visiting our home in Hermanus, in the Western Cape, South Africa, today. They were here all day. I suspect the fires in the surrounding areas is what drove them to search for food in town. It’s a humbling experience when you recognise the humanity in animals. Like us, they have family structures and […]

Hot Water Concert Kirstenbosch South Africa

Hot Water’s Show at Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts

By Marguerite Coetzee 08-09-15 15:15

On the 28th of December 2014 mist like smoke rolled over Table Mountain. A human rainbow formed on the lawns facing the stage. The prospect of rain did not dampen the crowd’s spirit; instead, braais were ignited, South African flags were distributed and laughter was shared. Members of Hot Water and other contributing artists occupied […]

The Parlotones at Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts

By Marguerite Coetzee 08-09-15 15:15

After touring the USA extensively, The Parlotones graced South African crowds with a performance at the iconic Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden on the 11th January 2015. They shook things up with a colourful show that had the crowd singing louder than lead singer Kahn Morbee. The band’s tattooed arms, “make-upped” faces and graffitied musical instruments […]

Freshlyground at Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts

By Marguerite Coetzee 07-01-21 00:19

On the 8th of February 2015 Freshlyground got into the Cape Town vibe as they danced barefoot across the stage. They like to keep things fresh with their refreshing humour and extravagant, yet authentic, performances. With songs ranging from Love to Mugabe, the variety of their music and talent is as diverse as the flora […]